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Due to privacy concerns, Sanity is Knocking is now a primarily closed blog with most posts being password protected.

Access to posts is allocated on a person by person basis. Don’t let this frighten you away! If you would like the password to the posts, simply leave a message here and I will contact you with the password.

It is important to note that you must comment here to be able to receive the password. Requests via email will be disregarded. You can create a pseudonym and hide your identity, but you must comment. No exceptions will be made.

I always look forward to new opinions and fresh insight! 🙂

Hope to hear from you soon!

If you would like to contact me, you can email me at


  1. Lie

    Hi, your blog looks very interesting! May I get the password?

  2. Tasha

    Found you from I’d like your password please.

  3. Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog, came by to have a look at yours but need the password pretty please? Thanks hun xx

  4. roughdiamond

    Been searching online for blogs from others with maybe some resemblance of what i’m going through, stumbled across this one. Password?

  5. lostinmentalhealth

    Hey, found your blog from mycrazybipolarlife. Can I have the password please?

  6. candy

    i have a lot of anxiety disorders, but they’re not actually diagnosed, because one of them is a phobia about going to drs. i really cant see much of your site, except the tags cloud.
    please send me a password.

  7. Vaguely Crazy

    Hello, password please?

  8. I found you through prescribed happiness. May I have the password?

  9. spaced out

    I too suffer from severe bouts of depression, would like to read/talk; password?

  10. battleatbipolarhill


    I’d like to see some of the posts as well as I have had a variety of dx’s and stumblings through psychiatry

  11. battleatbipolarhill

    and I forgot to ask, may I get the password?

  12. could I trouble you for the password? thanks!

  13. oh and by the way, my email is

    thanks again

  14. zsc

    May I have the password?

  15. Hey there

    Just came via Riayn’s blog (counting time)…

    I’ve been recently dx with GAD, and need all the info I can get!

  16. hey, i commented a few weeks ago, and my comment is “still awaiting moderation”

    anyway, sorry to bother you again, but do you think i can get the password – thanks!

    my email is

  17. Hi…from your tags it seems we have a few things in common. My blog is still new, but feel free to read if you like. Oh..and if you’re willing may I have your password?

  18. soulfulgrrl

    i have been doing a lot of reading on blogs with people like myself. trying to gain knowledge (as knowledge is power) and insight. i also like to give support when needed. i’d love to be able to read your blog if you feel safe enough in doing so. thank you for your consideration. :o)

  19. Jo

    Hello, I was diagnosed with severe depression two years ago while fighting a physical disease. It’s been a long fight back and I’ve been looking for methods and ideas that have helped others. Mostly, I’m looking for people who understand.

  20. Hi there. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’d love the password please. 🙂

  21. Jo

    Password please.

  22. hi , if your still giving out the password can i please have it. Its ok if not 🙂 . Found u from; differently sane.

  23. UncertainMe

    I’d enjoy a password if I could please…and Thanks in advance!

  24. can i get a password please? thanks

  25. jane

    I would like to get the password to connect with others with similiar issues.

  26. birdencaged

    would love to get the password, from your tags I can see I have similar issues as yourself.

  27. Hiccups

    Sanity ebbs and flows, I find. I’d love the password when you have a chance.

  28. Hello there, I just found my way here from Counting Time… and I would love a password please 🙂

  29. Hi, found you on The Same Sky…I’m working through my own therapy journey…Check out my blog – it’s mostly about the abusive relationship I just came out of, if you like – send me your password. Thanks!

  30. Butterflywings

    Hi, found you through Bippidee, I would love to have your password if you’re comfortable with that.

  31. tracy


    My name is tracy and i used to read your blog all the time a couple of years ago. i would love to follow you again. Could i please have the password?

    Thank you so much,

  32. Stephanie

    Hi, could I have the password? Thank You.

  33. I would love to be able to see your posts. I gave you the address to my blog. I started it recently. Trying to see where it takes me.
    I was originally diagnosed with atypical depression, then bipolar II

  34. Could i have the password please? thanks 🙂

  35. birdencaged

    I completely forgot to add any contact info for you. My email is birdencaged @

  36. My ears are burning. May I join?

  37. Liz

    Intrigued psychoanalysand…saw your comment in Ryan Howes Blog. Cheers

  38. Hi, I had just found your blog not too long ago through Tales of a Crazy Psychology Major. I would love to continue reading if its ok with you. My other blog on here is called subjectively. I just havent written much because I find the site hard to use but I love reading subscriptions to people I can relate to.

  39. Tagglit

    would love to join the readers of this blog

  40. Hi, I was reading your blog a while back when I had my brokynn wordpress but I cant log into that one anymore for some odd reason. Your posts in the past were always interesting and made me think. I have MPD/DID, PTSD, ADHD, chronic major depression, and a number of other diagnoses I could add to that list. I know I dont really have any posts here yet but I was wondering if I could get the password to read your blog?

    Beth (& all)

  41. Maverick92

    Hi found through google. Can i have the password? cheers

  42. I came across your blog after reading some of your comments on BtF. I wondered if I could have the password? Thanks.

  43. Good idea to have this system. Paul.

  44. Could I possibly have your password? I found your blog via Narky. 🙂

  45. Please could I have the password? Thanks

  46. Oops, forgot to say – my email is

  47. Could I have the password?

  48. I would like to be able to read your protected posts please 🙂

  49. I hope to be able to read your posts, may I get a password? 😉

  50. May I have your password, please?

  51. Sarah K

    hi, found ur blog via ur comments on mycrazybipolar life. Would like to read ur story too. could i have the password please?

  52. UncertainMe

    I enjoyed reading your blog in past, could I please have the password! Thanks,

  53. I’d love to read your blog. 🙂


  54. Howdy! I thought I already received the password but… Ether I didn’t get it yet or my brain has forgotten about that… Please show me the way into your posts 🙂 Thanks!

  55. I found you by some of your interesting and thought provoking comments on other blogs. I would be interested in reading your blogs.

  56. Candace Mills

    Working on therapy basics for my Master Degree and I am interested in these articles.

  57. i would love to read your blog

  58. I would like to read your musings. My sanity is a daily struggle, and reading others’ struggles helps me.

  59. May I get a password for your blog?


  60. George

    Hi, I am like most people struggling to fathom out some things that happened to our world and hence myself. I was just looking up some information and came across your blog.

  61. mrscmonkey

    Hi. Just moved my blog from another site to here and discovering interesting people. I blog about my depression, recently diagnosed Social Anxiety and other things. We seem to have things in common. Could I have the password?

  62. Do not attempt to shut out the madness, it will only blow the door off the hinges of your sanity. Other than that, would you give me a password if I didn’t ask? I’ll tell a secret if you don’t ask: the ghosts wired flesh and fire and decided to let it think.

  63. Saw you over at TWIM and wanted to say hello to a fellow countryman. May I please have the password to your blog?

  64. Just Swimming

    Hi, I am currently in therapy for PTSD and would like to read your blog in a hope to find a way forward

  65. Elle

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get the password for your blog?

  66. EmilyAnne

    I’m trying to sort out my own psych issues, and would love to be able to read your posts. Could you send me the password?

  67. Hi,

    It has been a while since I have been reading everyone’s blog. Could you email me with your password, if that is okay with you? Thanks.


  68. Hi, there.

    It’s been a couple of years, but I used to read your blog. I, too, have Bipolar II Disorder and Major Depression, and I have a blog that I’m starting to post to again. I’d love to get your password and read about your experiences.



  69. Would love to read your blog – found it by reading your comments on another blog and clicked on your name

  70. Qisy

    i found you from My Crazy Bipolar Life and I’d to read the posts here. May I get the password?

  71. patricia maltman blaine

    I keep saying that I’m okay, but those who love me say that I’m wrong. Would really like to get an outside perspective.

  72. Deb Sorley

    Im Bpd and am strugglinv after leaving therapy.
    Your post on that topic was great !
    I wanted to say THANK YOU. : ))
    Id love to read more.

  73. Would love to read your blog. Am going through many things and reading what you’re feeling is interesting.


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