Magical Answers

I asked my boss to be a reference for me for teaching work. Check.

I asked to be taken off the supply list for the daycare. Check.

I raced around like mad to do double work for my program and the big-kid program because the other staff suck. Check.

Kept my temper and my anxiety in check in the afternoon.

Had a teacher-college-friend who is on the supply list (the one I was hoping for) stop by my program because she was helping to coach the visiting basketball team tonight. Awesome! Great to see her though it’s hard not to compare the difference between us career wise.

THEN I SEE THE COACH. One of the cops who showed up at my house. He saw me too, but I played oblivious and overly interested in what college-friend was talking about.

I really hope he doesn’t say anything to her. They’re very friendly….first name basis…know each other well. If I was him, I’d be like Steer clear of that crazy one….

Therapy tomorrow morning. Really glad. I don’t know if I’ll bring up the stuff from the other post or not. It seems way out in left field and I don’t think I want to know the answer anyway.

Do therapists ever have those magical answers on how to cleanly solve life’s problems? Ever?

I’m really hope he does and that tomorrow is the day he’s going to tell me.



  1. Wow, that’s scary. Seriously the world is so tiny. Hope you’re doing okay

  2. Oh wow, I’d be freaked out and feeling so awkward if that happened to me. I doubt he’d say something though as it wouldn’t be professional of him and theres gotta be something about confidentiality? x

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