Blog Update

Dear fellow bloggers and blog readers,

I have made the hard decision to begin to password protect my blog.

In order to continue having access to this blog you MUST post a comment under this post or on the Get the Password page. No emails will be accepted-it has to be a comment.

This post will remain open to allow you to comment when you are able.


1. Leave a comment
2. Don’t email me for access.
3. I will email the password out to you.
Even if you’ve never commented before….please feel free to comment so I can add you to the list. You don’t ever need to comment after that, but I do need this one comment please. I’ll approve your comment as soon as I see it.

Thank you! I hope that you will take the time to continue to continue on this journey with me.

Much love & hugs,




  1. Commenting! You should have my email address from the wordpress comment box, let me know if it doesn’t work.


  2. I’d like to have access. My email is in the wordpress comment box.

  3. I’d like to continue reading your blog too. My email is
    Hope everything’s alright with you.
    Take care,
    Cassie x

  4. Hi Sanity,
    I hope you are okay
    i would like to continue to read your blog.
    my email address is:
    Take gentle care, Grace

  5. claire Smith

    I have been a lurker for a while but have found your writing so helpful. I’d love to keep reading, if you’d let me. But if you have any questions about me then just fire off an email to me.

  6. i, too, would like to continue to read your posts.

  7. di345

    I hope things are okay and would like to keep reading your blog. My email address is

  8. one long journey

    Hey there – I’m hope things are OK. This explains why I couldn’t post a comment on an older email. Sign me up

  9. New reader here who would like to continue.

    I’m going to leave my email addy but would remind you that asking your readers to do so in a public forum not only violates their privacy, it subjects them to having that addy picked up by the spammers who troll the net…

    Here’s how to contact me in a form that will hopefully avoid detection by spam spiders:

    distracted(dot)by(dot)lint AT gmail(dot)com

    Sorry to lecture — it just seems so ironic to ask us to give up our privacy at the same time you’re taking action to better protect yours.

    Truly wishing you the best…

  10. anna koons

    Hope all is well I would like to keep reading your blog

  11. Please may I have/keep access? Thanks.

  12. I would like to keep reading if I may. My email address is bippidee at hotmail dot co dot uk. Thanks

  13. I’ve been reading your blog too, and if you allow it I would like to keep following your blog.

    idparanoid at


  14. I can has access? My email address is Thank you.

  15. Good on you for protecting yourself Sanity. I’m here and I’d like to keep reading as well 🙂

  16. Hi Sanity – I would definitely like to continue reading. My email is

    Thank you. I’m sorry you have been forced to make this decision.

  17. You should get my email in your comment notification.

  18. Hey Sanity, tough call, but understood. My email should show up in the comment box …

  19. Hi, I’m a fairly new follower and I have really appreciated your blog, please add me if you can.

    Wishing you all the best.


  20. lostinamaze

    I really would like to continue reading your blog. I hope my email will show up in the comment box.

  21. cat

    Hi Sanity, I’d like to continue reading and keeping in contact, if that’s ok with you. I have a wordpress blog and email that this comment should link to, I think. Take care and wishing you well with this decision for your blog.

  22. tracy

    i love your blog, dear Sanity. Please let me stay, abandonment issues and all!

  23. The following people have been sent the password: Please let me know if you have not received it.

    Puddle of ink
    Ethereal Highway
    Anna K
    Rainbow Socks
    Bird on the wire
    Claire S.
    Tales of a Crazy Psych. M
    The Same Sky
    My Hypothetical Divorce

  24. i dont read your blog on a daily basis usually but i would like to still have that option =]

    my email is

  25. Callmejenny, I emailed you the password!

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