Gold for Canada!

Although this is the third time the Olympics have been held in Canada, we’ve never won a gold medal on our home soil. Tonight we did!

Mogulist Alexandre Bilodeau won Canada’s first ever gold medal on home soil laying down a near-perfect final run at Cypress Mountain on Sunday.

“I went out and I knew what to do,” Bilodeau said immediately following the event.

The 2009 overall World Cup champion executed a back full off the top air and a perfect-scoring back iron cross off the bottom air to earn a score of 26.75.

Dale Begg-Smith, competing for Australia, took the silver medal. American skier Bryon Wilson claimed the bronze medal.

Bilodeau, of Rosemere, Que., has topped the podium six times at previous World Cup events. The 22-year-old has often said his brother, Frederic, who has cerebral palsy, has inspired him to push his limits.

“It’s really getting me right now,” Bilodeau said. “My brother is my inspiration. Growing up with a handicap puts everything in perspective.

“He taught me so many things in my life. I was one of the most surrounded guys.

“I have great friends in the stands waiting for me. I’ve got everything on my side. Everything is perfect.

Vincent Marquis finished fourth ahead of teammate Pierre-Alexandre Rousseau who took fifth place.

“My goal was to cross the finish line and give it all I have,” Marquis said. “I am excited, but at the same time, fourth is so close.”

Marquis received a score of 25.88 in the final while Rousseau laid down an exceptional run delivering a back iron cross off the top jump and earning himself 25.83 points.

Canadian Maxime Gingras finished in 11th place.

“It was amazing with the crowd. I was not too stressed, I went for it. I just wanted to make he podium,” Gingras said.

Following her silver medal run on Saturday, mogulist Jenn Heil suggested a gold medal for Canada was within reach.

“That gold medal is going to come soon,” she said.

Within minutes of realizing his victory, Bilodeau was speaking to the media at the finish line, throwing his support behind other Canadian athletes.

“Canada is so strong now,” he said.

“The party is just starting for Canada.”

By Katie Rook,

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