Under Construction

I can’t decide on a format for this blog. I hate how the other one set up the links on the side because they all ran into each other, but I loved the colour scheme.


Bear with me until I find a set-up I really like 🙂



  1. I like the clean look of this layout.

  2. It happens to be the same as yours though (except the custom header) which I would have preferred it not be as being unique is fun! Alas…I think I may stick with it.

  3. hystericalfemale

    It would be good if WP offered a bigger selection, or at least the ability to make minor alterations such as background and text colours.
    That said, I like the one you’ve picked. It’s easy to navigate.

  4. Thanks HF. Yeah even some general colour options would be nice as you mentioned!

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